Townsville smoke alarms & 2027

2027 is fast approaching. If you’re in Townsville and want quality smoke alarms installed in your forever home, cheaper isnt always better. I fully indorse using alarms that I would install in my own home, and my friends/family. You will read on Facebook day in day out, about people complaining about the alarms they had installed going off. They all unfortunetly end up having to pay twice, because they selected the cheapest option originally. Ask me what options are available, when you’re chasing quality smoke alarms and a quality install. 2027 isn’t that far away, and if you leave it till the last minute. Prices are going to skyrocket, and we will see an influx of “cowboy” installers. Where the quality of the install isn’t there, and the knowledge of the legislation is 0 to none. Let us help make the process of installing quality smoke alarms in your Townsville home a breeze.